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Frequently Asked Questions

If it doesn't work, will I get my money back?
SunShine will run a series of tests before prompting you for payment, if your device passes these tests then SunShine will work. In the event that SunShine is not working properly, visit our Live Chat or put in a support ticket, we will work with you to ensure that it works properly. In the event we cannot get it working, we will refund you completely.

Why should I s-off when I can just unlock?
With an unlocked bootloader, you are able to flash and run custom recoveries, ROMs, and kernels. This is enough for many users. With s-off you have full control of the device. You can do things like flash radios and custom hboots. You can even change properties like CID and MID that can allow you to convert to different editions of your device. If you are a true power user, you need s-off.

Will SunShine wipe my data?
No, unlike our competitors and the official unlock tools, SunShine will never wipe your data. With that said, backing up data is always smart. We encourage you to backup all of your data before proceeding with any root related activities. Note that on newer devices, starting with the HTC 10 in 2016, data WILL BE WIPED if you run SunShine on devices with an unlocked bootloader.

Why does SunShine cost money?
SunShine required large financial, time and emotional costs to develop. We poured money and time we couldn't really afford into the project, early on it became apparent that if we wanted to see this project go public, we would have to find a way to compensate our team. Charging for SunShine allows us to replace bricked test devices, and create future paid and free projects.

If I buy a SunShine license, can I use it on multiple phones?
No - one license is good for one device. You can reuse SunShine on that device, if necessary, we however NEVER recommending setting your device S-ON and we can not be held accountable if SunShine is incompatible with your device after the first s-off. We did try a license replacement program early on, however the majority of replacement requests turned out to be fraudulent forcing us to stop replacing licenses.

Do I get a code with my in app purchase?
No, codes are only for out of app purchases. Codes are one time use only, and bind the license to your device's motherboard, just like in-app purchases. If you need to run SunShine again on a licensed device, the app will recognize the motherboard and download the license automatically..

When will SunShine be free?
We have no plans to make SunShine free at this time. Due to the upkeep costs, it is unlikely to ever be free.

Should I ever relock my Motorola device's bootloader?
Only in the event you are absolutely positive you will never want to unlock it again. It is a one shot gig with Motorola bootloaders..

Does SunShine void my warranty?
This depends on the laws governing your location. It is safe to assume SunShine WILL void your phone's warranty, unless your local laws state otherwise.

Can I be a reseller or do you sell bulk SunShine licenses?
We do offer bulk license deals, please put in a support ticket for more information. We do not typically allow resell of SunShine licenses, however if you are in a country that our payment processor does not work in, and want to resell please contact us.

Why shouldn't I crack SunShine?
Besides being theft, it just isn't wise. SunShine is a very delicate tool, and tampering with it could easily cause damage to your device. Seriously, unless you have dozens of phones to waste, don't even try.

Why does SunShine need so many permissions?
Short answer, it doesn't. SunShine runs as the root user, root applications can add or remove permissions on the fly without user permission. We declare all possible permissions to raise awareness of this, and so users may pay better attention to what they install in the future.

SunShine appeared to be successful, but my phone is not rooted?
SunShine unlocks your device's bootloader and sets it to s-off (HTC ONLY). SunShine does NOT install root binaries on the device. There are a few ways to root your device after using SunShine. The most common and reliable method would be to flash TWRP recovery to your device via fastboot, and flash the root binaries or a rooted ROM from within TWRP.

What information do you collect?
The information we collect varies from purchase to purchase. At the minimum we collect a unique hardware identifier of your device, your ip address (in our server connection logs), and versioning information of firmware on your device. Since SunShine also processes payments, through PayPal and Credit cards, we may also collect and store information such as your phone number and email address. PayPal may also provide information such as your Name and address, depending on how your account is set up. We do not store nor ever see your credit card number or PayPal password. Please do NOT send us your credit card details ever, we will never need nor ask for them (with the exception of the last 4 digits of your credit card in the extreme case we can not find your purchase details). We only collect information that is absolutely needed for communication and processing payments. If you wish us not to have or store this information, do not install or run SunShine.