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SunShine is our bootloader unlock/s-off tool for Motorola and HTC phones. We currently support most HTC phones, and Droid Turbo, Moto X (2014), Moto X (2013), MotoG (2013) and Droid Maxx/Mini/Ultra on Android 4.4.3 and lower. All modern HTC devices (m9 m7 m8 e8 Mini2 remix dna etc) devices are supported up to 7.1.1, as long as they are rootable. SunShine can work without pre-rooting all 4.4.3 and below devices, and some 4.4.4 and 5.x devices. Some 5.0 and above users will have to root with Verizon M7 5.0.x users will have to temp root with the Kingroot app. DROID TURBO 2 IS NOT SUPPORTED.

Change Log

March 31st 2022
Minor updates

Version 3.5.55
Minor updates

Version 3.5.30
HTC U11 Fixes

Version 3.5.29
HTC U12 Support added

Version 3.5.27
Fix server issue

Version 3.5.25
HTC m9 stability fixes

Version 3.5.24
Minor update

Version 3.5.23
Now work on some phones with damaged security partitions.

Version 3.5.22
Minor update

Version 3.5.21
HTC 10 Oreo Support (release)

Version 3.5.20
HTC 10 Oreo Support (beta)

Version 3.5.18
U11 Oreo Support added (For most firmwares)

Version 3.5.16
Fix false detection by Google

Version 3.5.15
Minor fixes

Version 3.5.14
Network Fixes

Version 3.5.13
HTC u11 SimUnlock (Not tested for Sprint, no guarantee for sprint sim unlock)

Identifier syncing - requires second run for identifier changes made with fastboot

Version 3.5.12
Minor fixes

Version 3.5.11
Minor fixes

Version 3.5.10
Fix rare licensing error

Version 3.5.9
Fix older Motorola support

Version 3.5.8

Version 3.5.7

Version 3.5.6
Minor fixes

Version 3.5.5
Added Magisk support
Added Droid Turbo 24.251-5-5 support via autoprime intiroot

Version 3.5.4
Minor fixes

Version 3.5.3
Fix HTC m7 support
Stability fix for Motorola devices

Version 3.5.2
Fix hang on some devices

Version 3.5.1
Fix hang/crash on some devices

Version 3.5
Fix Desire 626s Support

Version 3.4.30
Moved license server to new server

Version 3.4.29
VZW Droid Turbo 6.x support added
Droix Turbo 5.x support fixed

Version 3.4.27
VZW Droid Turbo 6.0.x support added

Version 3.4.26
New temproot for HTC J Butterfly 3 (HTV31)
New temproot for HTC J Butterfly 2 (HTL23)

Version 3.4.25
Desire 626s Temproot added
S-OFF/Unlock support for Desire 626s including Verizon
New HTC One m8 temproot
Bug Fixes for HTC One A9 temproot
Bug Fixes for HTC One M9 temproot

Version 3.4.24
S-OFF/Unlock support for Desire 626s
New HTC One m8 temproot
Bug Fixes for HTC One A9 temproot
Bug Fixes for HTC One M9 temproot

Version 3.4.23
New temproot for HTC One M9 and A9 (Marshmallow and lower, not Nougat)

Version 3.4.22
Minor fixes

Version 3.4.21
More HTC A9 related fixes

Version 3.4.20
Fix for HTC A9, M9 and other devices

Version 3.4.19
Android 7.x.x Support
HTC Evo 10 / HTC Bolt support for s-off
Use This for HTC Evo 10/Bolt root
HTC 10 7.0 S-off support (Temproot for 6.x only)

Version 3.4.17
Fix HTC 10 temproot (blame jcase for breaking it)

Version 3.4.16
Fixed minor bugs related to Droid Turbo Temproot

Version 3.4.13
Add support for additional servers

Version 3.4.12
Temproot now supports all known HTC 10 software versions

Version 3.4.10
Fixed HTC A9 support

Version 3.4.9
MediaTek fixes

Version 3.4.8
Added Support for HTC S9 s-off

Version 3.4.7
Droid Turbo SU4TL-49 - Text changes

Version 3.4.6
Added Support for Motorola Droid Turbo on SU4TL-49 firmware

Version 3.4.5
Additional HTC 10 temproot fixes

Version 3.4.4
Improved HTC 10 temproot. Screen toggling no longer needed.

Version 3.4.3
Additional HTC 10 (Verizon HTC 10 too) temproot fixes

Version 3.4.2
HTC 10 temproot fix (Verizon release firmware, and gsm models now should work better)
Reinstall error fixed

Version 3.4.1
HTC 10 TempRoot bugfix (now works with SuperSu apk installed)
Verizon HTC 10 support tweak (minor)

Version 3.4
HTC 10 TempRoot added
Verizon HTC 10 support added (to app!)
No wipe/format for HTC 10 (when choosing S-OFF/LOCKED)
S-OFF/LOCKED will behave as S-OFF/UNLOCKED on HTC 10

Version 3.3.20
Fixed device detection for some custom roms

Version 3.3.19
Misc bug fixes

Version 3.3.18
This version has been REMOVED due to bugs for older phones, use version 3.3.17 instead for now

Version 3.3.17
Fix Sprint HTC sim unlock

Version 3.3.16
Various minor bug fixes

Version 3.3.15
Add s-off support for Desire 530

Version 3.3.14
Fix HTC m9 support

Version 3.3.13
Added support for some Desire 820 Models, run it and see! Added support for HTC One m9e m9ew and m9s

Version 3.3.12
Additional fixes for HTC 10 error reporting
TempRoot related stability fixes

Version 3.3.11
Fix HTC 10 error reporting

Version 3.3.10
Added S-OFF Support for HTC 10 Lifestyle (Snapdragon 652)

Version 3.3.9
Fix Kernel/Rom flashing bug for S-OFF/LOCKED Devices
SimUnlock for Sprint HTC m9 and similar phones (Experimental, No guarantee)
Global Unlocked added to Sprint Unlock feature (Experimental, No guarantee)
Minor fixes

Version 3.3.8
For HTC 10 devices, option to set bootloader status to "LOCKED"
Misc fixes

Version 3.3.6
Fix Droid Turbo Support (Only su44 5.1 firmware)
Fix Dialog text for HTC 10

Version 3.3.5
Fixed HTC m7 device detection on Android 4.x

Version 3.3.4
Added HTC 10 Support

Version 3.3.3
Enhance HTC m7 device detection

Version 3.3.2
Adds support for Verizon HTC m8 on htc/HTCOneM8vzw/htc_m8wl:6.0/MRA58K/708002.3:user/release-keys firmware

Version 3.3.1
Fix device detection for Droid Mini (support up to 4.4.3 only)

Version 3.3
Adds support for Verizon HTC m9 on HTCOneM9vzw/htc_himawl:6.0/MRA58K/669662.7:user/release-keys firmware

Version 3.2.7
Stability fixes, add support for some older Motorola devices on 4.4.3 and below (Razr M and some others)

Version 3.2.5
Fixed stability issue in temproot for older phones

Version 3.2.4
More stable temproot for Droid Turbo

Version 3.2.1
Merged Droid Turbo Support into main release
Added new root for Droid Turbo (no more mofo/kingroot needed)
Added new root for Some HTC (like m8, no more htcdev/kingroot needed)
Removed 626s support for now

Version 3.1.22
Support for Android 6.0
Support for HTC A9
Support For Desire 626s (not Mediatek 626)

Version 3.1.21
Work around for a bug introduced by HTC, causing the m9 to bootloop

Version 3.1.18
Added Sprint SimUnlock for HTC (Not for m7, m9 HTC 10, non-domestic carriers only, not for TmobileUS/ATT SIMs)

Version 3.1.17
Edge case bug fixed for MotoX 2014 Better HTC Support

Version 3.1.16
Better MotoX 2014 support Better MotoX 2014 custom rom support

Version 3.1.15
Additional Support for HTC m9 on 5.1.x Added Motorola X 2014 support (Droid Turbo is not supported in this build)

Version 3.1.14
Improved memory management Security hardening Fixed low memory devices(mini,remix, s400s etc)

Version 3.1.13
Fix for HTC m9 and e9 users

Version 3.1.12
Added Support for HTC Mediatek e9+ and m9+

Version 3.1.11
Added support for HTC m9 5.1 firmwares!

Version 3.1.10
Fixed m9 firmware detection Blocked some m9 firmwares (fix coming in 3.1.11)

Version 3.1.5
Added S-ERR repairing Fixes for stability issues Disable Credit/Debit Card payment for sprint phones

Version 3.1.4
This update has been pulled to address some issues, please use 3.1.3

Version 3.1.3
Fixed HTC m7 class simunlock (Not for Sprint)

Version 3.1.1
Experimental fix for HTC m7 SimUnlock
Additional memory clearing for HTC m9

Version 3.1
Added HTC m9 support
Added Experimental HTC Simunlock (Not m9, Not CDMA devices)

Version 3.0.8
Combined Motorola and HTC versions of sunshine
Various minor fixes

Version 3.0.7
Moved Motorola support to it's own APK

Version 3.0.5
Fixed failure to reboot bug
Fixed two "Unexpected Errors"

Version 3.0.4
Fixed HTC M7/One Max support
Fixed TempRoot on older HTCS
Fixed "endless testing"
Better error handling
Fixed three "Unexpected Errors"

Version 3.0.3
Fixed two "Unexpected Errors"
Fixed one SuperSu Hang
Fixed HTC CDMA TempRoot Crash
Fix paypal crash
Added Mini2/Remix (s400) support
Now supporting all 4.4.4 HTC
Now supporting all rootable 5.0.x HTC